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Flexing videos from Hot Fighter Raul

Raul's videos

Below are all of the videos featuring Raul.

If you want, you can also see videos from my brother Ken, or videos featuring both of us!

Wake up Bodybuilder - 5 outfits Striptease

Starring: Raul

Its a video where i wake up and realise i am a Bodybuilder and i have big Muscles so i start flexing and wonder of my huge Arms and Muscles.I try 5 different outfits,from elegant to gym clothes as u can see in trailer and enjoy Flexing and show off in all .Full face included in Full video.

Duration: 15:18 | Format: MP4 | File size: 1170 | Resolution: 1920*1080

Categories: Biceps | Cocky | Pecs |


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FLEX & SEX with Hot Fighter RAUL

Starring: Raul

This video start with a nice flexing session,then i add some oil on my Muscles and flex some more in the towel i have on. Clouse ups flexing are included and then i loose my towel and Flex Naked,Show my ASS and then start to fuck YOU really bad.This amazing video have a HUGE CUM shoot in the end.Full face included in full video.Enjoy.

Duration: 16:38 | Format: MP4 | File size: 936 | Resolution: 1920*1080

Categories: Biceps | Cocky | Dominant | Oil | Pecs | Ripped Abs | XXX (18+) |


Hypnotised by my Pecs

Starring: Raul

A true Alpha Male,a Gentleman,a Muscle God in a tight black shirt flexing and massaging his chest in your face .Big pecs that u can sleep on like a pillow,sexy nipples and hard muscles are ingredients of this hot video.Full face included in full video.

Duration: 15:29 | Format: MP4 | File size: 733 | Resolution: 1920*1080

Categories: Pecs |


Biceps Pump in Tight T-shirt

Starring: Raul

Amazing Biceps Pump right at home with some weights .U will see my arms getting bigger and bigger ready to explode the sleeves in your face.After a good workout and pump u will see Quality Arms Flexing .Enjoy clouse ups of my Big Arms flexing for u. Face included in Full video.

Duration: 15:16 | Format: MP4 | File size: 1050 | Resolution: 1920*1080

Categories: Biceps |


Biceps Comparision

Starring: Raul

Hot Fighter Raul finally messure his Huge Arms for u,but also compare them with different fruits and even with a cd. They all look small compare to the 50 cm arms. Face included in full video also alot of talking about how big are the guns and plenty of show off.

Duration: 15:17 | Format: MP4 | File size: 729 | Resolution: 1920*1080

Categories: Biceps |


Giant Super Raul

Starring: Raul

The Giant Raul wearing long socks its filmed with a nice wide go pro camera while he is Flexing,and simply walking around,Crushing and killing the small people around him. Its a great video for macrophilia fans. Face included in full video

Duration: 14:39 | Format: MP4 | File size: 1000 | Resolution: 1920*1080

Categories: Dominant | Giant |


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