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Flexing videos from Hot Fighter Raul

Raul's videos

Below are all of the videos featuring Raul.

If you want, you can also see videos from my brother Ken, or videos featuring both of us!

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Squeezing Your Head until U Pass Out

Starring: Raul

U want to feel my Power?I am Contest Shape ready and i can Squeeze Your Head between my legs,near cock,between my big arms...and make u feel the pain but also the pleasure.see more in full video with face included

Duration: 10:12 | Format: MP4 | File size: 193 | Resolution: 1920*1080

Categories: Contest Shape | Ripped Abs | Under Armour |


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Workout in Thongs ,get my Biceps Hard and put on Oil

Starring: Raul

Wearing a sexy pair of Thongs i start oiling my body to make the Ripped,Contest Shape Muscles look even better.Then i do some Squads,some Pushups and some curling Biceps to get the Pump.Between all this Flexing as much as possible for u ,face included in full video.Enjoy

Duration: 10:16 | Format: MP4 | File size: 258 | Resolution: 1920*1080

Categories: Biceps | Contest Shape | Oil | Pecs | Ripped Abs |


Total Wrestling Domination - Im the Champion

Starring: Raul

Amazing match between Hot Fighter Raul, The Champion and another muscle guy. The name its on the level of his fighting skills and Power,he destroy the other guy with all kind of scissors and wrestling moves.Submission holds and breath taking moves will make your heart(and not only) pump like crazy from second 1 to the end of this video.Full face included,action camera filming in full video.Enjoy!

Duration: 9:25 | Format: MP4 | File size: 1400 | Resolution: 1920*1080

Categories: Dominant | Muscle Brothers | Ripped Abs |


Worship my Biceps before i choke u and KO u

Starring: Raul

Me and another guy flexing then i decide to make him worship my biceps. After biceps worship i choke him for few times on the chair with my arms and then on the floor with my strong legs.When he wakes up i put my boxing gloves on and Punch his ABS really bad.This amazing video include faces and it end with a big final punch in his face,head that KO him.

Duration: 14:44 | Format: MP4 | File size: 375 | Resolution: 1920*1080

Categories: Biceps | Muscle Brothers |


Burping Strip & Flex

Starring: Raul

Strip from jeans and tight shirt in my underwear. Great Shape ,Big Ripped muscles flexed for u plus lot of BURPING . enjoy full video with face included.

Duration: 14:52 | Format: MP4 | File size: 443 | Resolution: 1920*1080

Categories: Burping |


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Hot Undies & Big Pecs in Tight Shirt

Starring: Raul

After a long day at the office i get home and undress my crazy tight shirt that stay to explode on my big Muscles. Worship my massive Pecs ,massage and play with my nipples for u in full video ,also face included,and my new look with glasses on.Kisses,enjoy

Duration: 10:23 | Format: MP4 | File size: 310 | Resolution: 1920*1080

Categories: Biceps | Pecs | Ripped Abs |


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